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Hashtag #BlocVote4Brexit launches in Twitterstorm!............

  To Independence Day - Attempt 3  

The Power of our Movement is to Unite People to Work Together

And Together We Will Then Make The Difference

Our Democracy Has Been Taken From Us!

Our grandparents, great-grand-parents and families over the last thousand years have fought the tyrant and given their lives to afford us the luxury of democracy and free speech.

Now there is a new tyrant - the political elite - who are taking away these hard-won freedoms.


It is time for us to make our ancestors proud and continue the tradition of fighting for what is right and decent.

We Must Act Before it Is Too Late!

Already 17.4 million people have demonstrated their will through a democratic process.

The new tyrant is doing everything within and outside its power, within the law and even outside the law to deny our democratic right. These are our employees who have mutinied and are ignoring our will.




"Intelligent" Direct

Action Is The Answer

The tyrant thinks that the plebs may revolt and this will be a few protest marches, which they can easily neutralise by mobilising their obedient thought police and MSM silence.

But this isn’t just some mob, angry about a change of tax or the result of a football match, this is the people and on our side we have intelligence, diversity and above all we have the numbers.