"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" - JFK

When The System Breaks Down and Our Representatives Fail Us......

 ........Only Intelligent Direct-Action Will Work! 

We are led to believe we are free; free to speak our minds, free to define our future through democracy


How do we know this?

Because we are told so!


We are told many things by the media - how much is true?

Our politicians never answer questions in a straight & simple way - in fact never at all

We are told what we can and cannot say and have become fearful of saying certain things that may be considered hateful

Our ability to criticise has been shut down

We are being told what they want us to hear

We are told to stay silent and do nothing but obey and conform.

We have lost our freedom of speech, common-sense is but a distant memory and now, our final right, our democratic vote, is being taking away!

So What Do We Do? What Would Our Ancestors Have Done?

Of Course We Must Act to Preserve our Hard Won Rights


To be effective we must act directly and intelligently

We're here to provide the Real Facts behind the issues!